Nohemi Naturals


“We ensure that our raw materials are sourced and obtained in a responsible and sustainable way, our suppliers and workers involved in making our products are safe and treated fairly and the environment and social impacts are taken into consideration during the sourcing and production process”

- CEO, Curtis

Meet Our Founders


“I am committed to producing the highest quality products that meets consumers needs and expectations and positively impact lives and the environment.”


“My goal is to create all natural products that are healthy for your skin and empower my fellow women”

Our Story

Each of our skincare and hair care products are unique and personal. And a lot of us are becoming aware of all the harsh chemicals we're putting on our skin and into our bodies. Nohemi is your way to long-term health, confidence, and youthfulness. Your skin won't process strange cosmetic ingredients ever again because Nohemi’s are 100% natural skincare products that not only good for your body but also for our planet. Unlike Conventional body-care products, we make an all-natural skincare and hair care products with no artificial chemicals or dubious ingredients, that will leave you feeling smooth like butter, glow your skin and uplift your day without harming our earth. From Ghana to the world, we provide pure skin care products from Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, to African Black Soap, essential oils, formulated and crafted by traditional methods passed on from generations. We aim to help you discover healthy, youthful skin naturally; we strive to be your natural alternative to a better life and glowing skin. Nohemi will be the better selection of higher quality products available and will be your skin’s best friend. Save your skin, save your environment with Nohemi.

Our Natural Ingredients

100% Natural "100% plant based ingredient, does not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives."

Sustainable "We support and encourage the sustainable management and conservation of the source of our raw materials."

Private Labels

We can customize the packaging of products according to your requirement. We make 100% natural skincare products. We prepare our beauty products after extensive research. These personal care products are prepared under the expertise and excellence of our R&D team. We focus on taking great care of your skin, hair and body with the choicest herbs, extracts and essential oils derived from Mother Nature’s earth-beds. We have a proficient team of graphic designers who craft the best designs molded according to client’s requirement to make your product packaging look very attractive and lure the customers in.

Bulk Orders

For all bulk orders contact the team